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One thing that irks me is referring to the meaning of Thanksgiving as lying around eating turkey and watching football. Although I love football, I do not watch much football on Thanksgiving Day. The Detroit Lions and Dallas Cowboys do not excite me and whatever college game is on usually is not worth the bother.

I love Thanksgiving because it is the one holiday that whole country is in communion as Americans. Atheists celebrate Thanksgiving because even they are thankful for someone or something.

I like Thanksgiving for the feast. Feast implies by its very nature celebration, sharing, and sharing of ourselves. In the Old Testament, the Israelites would sacrifice the cow or the lamb to God and then have a feast of Thanksgiving. Part of the animal would be “given to God,” but the rest would have to be right away. So by necessity others would be invited.

In the Gospel of Luke, Jesus was always eating and drinking with someone. It seems that where Jesus went there would be a celebration. The term Eucharist means Thanksgiving. So as a Catholic, Eucharist means celebrating the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross with a meal of thanksgiving.

Some might say that Catholics do not really need to celebrate Thanksgiving because we celebrate Eucharist every Sunday or better yet some celebrate it everyday. But that is not the case. Thanksgiving is a feast that puts in communion with others. It recreates bonds that have been severed by the busyness, hurts, and distances. It is the feast that sneaks up on us sometimes, but still shakes us up out of ourselves.

Parents take their children to feed the poor or the elderly. People give of their food so that others can feast too. Families open up their homes to others whom they do not see for the rest of the year. Even people who annoy us the rest of the year are welcome in our homes.

Thanksgiving is the first day of the holiday season. For while Thanksgiving is the feast that we share with other faiths, it also begins the time we prepare ourselves for the remembrance of the birth of our Lord. For many, especially the unevangelized and the secular, Thanksgiving to New Years is the holiest time of the year.

Happy Thanksgiving.

–Brother Jim Fogarty, BSL

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About Brothers and Sisters of Love

The Mission of Brothers and Sisters of Love is to be a visible sign of Jesus’ Love, Peace, and Presence to the poor in gang-infested neighborhoods in Chicago and to be a bridge between gangs & the poor with the Church. This is done by: 1. Loving everyone 2. Trusting in God 3. Forgiving everyone everything 4. Never being afraid.
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  2. Nice article, I just found it, simple but it has some good thoughts that made my day. thanks! =)

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